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Central Europe

We are a leading brand of Window Films in Europe. We sell and apply Professional Films for residential, commercial and industrial use, providing excellent heat reduction, solar control, glare reduction, visual privacy and safety solutions for buildings and interiors of any type. 

Our largest projects include shopping mall windows and industrial skylights (both glass and polycarboate), but we offer a full range of residential works as well: villas, summer houses, rental houses and hotels.

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The Plan for Your Project

Most of the projects will include these steps, from initial consultation and offer all the way to successful completion

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We receive your details

Tinting Projects range from "easy to prepare an offer" to "impossible to present an offer without all the details". We usually require an approximate total tinting surface (in sqm, ie. square metres) coupled with a few pictures to come up with a viable offer.

The calculation and offer itself is very fast.

Armolan Tinting Offer for Business

You receive our offer

Given our experience with hundreds of tinting projects completed, we can submit the final, precisely calculated and binding offer very quickly and reliably. Any later changes in price are strictly ruled out.

In most cases, in-person visit in not essential.

If preferred or required, we sign a formal contract before the project kick-off.

We Kick-Off the Project

Sometimes we'll need days to complete the tinting work, sometimes weeks. Depending on the on-site conditions (and weather!), you can expect the glazing speed of 45 to 70 sqm (square metres) per day.

All are work is performed by certified crew and fully insured. 

Window Film Installation - Summerhouse Marbella

All tinted!
Project is completed

Our work is finished. Windows, Facade, Skylights - all tinted, with visual and thermal benefits available from Day 1.

Our crew completes the works by cleaning up the installation area, and we sign final papers we had agreed on.

OGT Danfoss Grodzisk - Folia Armolan Eclipse PP - Lipiec 2023 004.jpg

Let us help you with Your Project

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